Ryan is the founder of Terratory Photography Journal www.terratory.org. Terratory is a community of contemporary landscape photographers and subject matter experts devoted to documenting and elaborating on concepts related to landscape. He regularly contributes a variety of multi-disciplinary articles to Terratory Journal. Ryan is a self-taught photographer, prior to embarking on his photo career, he spent a decade working in fine art galleries and dealing contemporary 2-D and 3-D art in the American Southwest. Additionally, Mr. Nemeth holds an MBA from Marylhurst University in Portland Or. and an undergraduate degree in Economics from St. Edwards University in Austin, Tx.


Recorded history tells us that human beings have always modified, intervened, and marked their environment. Knowing that all parts of an eco-system are interrelated and accounting for man's intervention and interaction with the larger environment, we must conclude that all things exist in human altered space. Furthermore, humans have always engaged with earth's geographic features and topography and employed nature as both a physical and psychological resource. Both human behaviors reveal a deep and intimate relationship with land that cannot be separated from human life. My hope is that my photographs will capture and communicate something meaningful about this complex relationship. 

Having lived in six U.S. states, and both east and west of the Mississippi River, I have experienced and observed a variety of unique landscapes and topographic environments within the continental United States. This life experience has deeply impacted my approach to photographic subject matter and the various landscape and geographic themes found throughout my work. My primary mission as a photographer is to understand and document human interactions with nature and to document contemporary American man-made landscapes.